Rik Malone ties it all together with a different theme each evening from 8 – 11, wrapping up your weekday with KDFC Tonight.

KDFC TONIGHT w/o 5/22/17

MONDAY: The Dead of Night: Music for de-composing by Chopin, Haydn, Beethoven, Strauss, birthday boy Wagner and more.

TUESDAY: Legendary pianist Emanuel Ax joins guest conductor Charles Dutoit and the San Francisco Symphony for a concerto from the height of Mozart’s fame in Vienna, along with musical pictures of the frozen tundra of Finland, a village dance in Spain and the ever-changing ocean by Sibelius, Falla and Debussy.

WEDNESDAY: Russian Variations: Sergei Rachmaninoff shows what he can do with music by Chopin, Paganini and Corelli.

THURSDAY: The Magic Toybox: Play is the thing in this music by Delibes, Debussy, Stravinsky, Bizet, Respighi and more.

FRIDAY: Ease into the holiday weekend with music for outdoor Summer fun by Beethoven, Prokofiev, Debussy, Grofe, and – of course – Grill, Pichl, and a Hamburg Quartet by Telemann!

KDFC TONIGHT w/o 5/29/17

MONDAY: Memorial Day: no theme. Enjoy your holiday!

TUESDAY: Young German violinist Veronika Eberle joins guest conductor Roberto Abbado for the Violin Concerto by Robert Schumann, which was so futuristic that his family tried to suppress it. You’ll also hear incidental music to the play that also inspired Puccini’s final, unfinished opera, and Felix Mendelssohn’s love letter to Scotland.

WEDNESDAY: What’s New Wednesday: a romantic concerto from Rachmaninoff’s best friend, all-star Brahms, a new symphony inspired by a classic novel and more.

THURSDAY: Old Wine in New Bottles: 20th-century composers find inspiration in the past.

FRIDAY: The Summer of Love – after dark! More of our weekend celebration of the music from the 60s – the 1660s, 1760, 1860s and 1960s.