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Interested in working at KDFC? KDFC is an equal opportunity employer.  

Current Job Opening

Classical KDFC is currently looking to hire a Chief Development Officer.
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Classical KDFC is currently looking to hire a Major Giving Officer.
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Minority Outreach 


KDFC Radio makes a special effort to ensure that our staff reflects the diversity of the Bay Area. Read about our involvement in special projects and outreach programs in the Annual FCC EEO Report pages, by clicking on the links below.

KDFC-FM, as an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding every job vacancy, and we actively seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants.

In accordance with current FCC's EEO regulations, any organization that regularly distributes information about employment opportunities to job seekers—or refers job seekers to employers-may request that it be provided notice of KDFC’s job vacancies as they occur.

If your organization would like to be notified of such vacancies, please contact us.

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