KDFC Tonight

Rik Malone ties it all together with a different theme each evening from 8 - 11, wrapping up your weekday with KDFC Tonight.

KDFC TONIGHT w/o 9/26/16            

MONDAY: C is for…..Clarinet, Copland, Countertenor, Comedy and more!

TUESDAY: The first broadcast of the new season! MTT leads the orchestra in three symphonies: one from the height of the Classical Era, one that paid tribute to the Classical Era a century later, and one that helped usher in the Romantic Era with the most famous four-note pattern in history.

WEDNESDAY: Bay Area Previews: What do you want to see (or hear) this weekend? Highlights from the Green Center, Livermore Valley Opera, Symphony Silicon Valley, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and more.

THURSDAY: We’ll close out National Piano Month with great solo sonatas by Mozart, Liszt, Chopin, Beethoven and Schubert.

FRIDAY: Jazz-Age Classical: Crossover music from the ‘20s and ‘30s by Copland, Ravel, Milhaud, Gershwin and more. 

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