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Rik Malone ties it all together with a different theme each evening from 8 - 11, wrapping up your weekday with KDFC Tonight.
MONDAY: A Well-Seasoned Evening: music for Autumn, Winter and Spring on the first night of Summer.

TUESDAY: 21-year-old pianist Jan Lisiecki makes his San Francisco Symphony debut playing Mozart, and guest conductor James Conlon also leads the orchestra in a seemingly sunny symphony by Dvorak, and Britten’s unusual response to an even more unusual commission. 

WEDNESDAY: Emotional Rescue: feeling particularly “pathétique”? Turn that frown upside down with music by Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Nielsen, Copland and more!

THURSDAY: Russian Around: here, there and everywhere with Tchaikovsky in Italy, Glinka in Spain, Rachmaninoff in Bohemia, Arensky in Egypt, and even Shostakovich in Tahiti!

FRIDAY: The Virtuoso Composer: Paderewski, Moszkowski and Herz stunned the music world with their own showcase pieces (and so did Rachmaninoff, so we’ll throw him in, too, just for fun).

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