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Rik Malone ties it all together with a different theme each evening from 8 - 11, wrapping up your weekday with KDFC Tonight.
KDFC TONIGHT w/o 11/28/16            

MONDAY: Brought to you by the Letter “E”: The musical alphabet continues with Enesco, an enigma, a visit to Etruria, an entrance, and echo and an elegy.

TUESDAY: Michael Tilson Thomas leads the San Francisco Symphony in his own tribute to one of the Symphony’s greatest friends, and Anton Bruckner’s tribute to his musical idol. Superstar pianist Yuja Wang joins the orchestra for one of Chopin’s musical calling cards.

WEDNESDAY: Famous Finales: Say Farewell to November with last words by Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Brahms, Haydn, Tchaikovsky and more.

THURSDAY: Political Notes: Music written to stir up revolutions, celebrate peace treaties, negotiate job actions and tweak some powerful noses.

FRIDAY: One Piano, Two Pianos, Three Pianos, More!

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