KDFC's Summer of the Great Composers 2013

Summertime in the Bay Area, and great classical music on KDFC. What a combination! Our celebration begins on Friday, June 21st, the official first full day of summer, when we kick off our Summer of the Great Composers. Once an hour we'll play the music of our great composer of the day, and we’re taking requests at KDFC.com. See the daily lineup of 40 great composers below, and if you can think of anybody we’re missing, your suggestions will help us round out the top 50. It’s the KDFC Summer of the Great Composers - Friday June 21st through the month of July, from Classical KDFC and KDFC.com!

Scroll down to see the schedule and click on a composer's name to make a request for that day!

If you didn't see your favorite composer on the list, we asked you to make a nomination to help us fill out the top 50. Check out the Best of the Rest.

Friday, June 21 Saturday, June 22 Sunday, June 23
Monday, June 24 Tuesday, June 25 Wednesday, June 26
Thursday, June 27 Friday, June 28 Saturday, June 29
Sunday, June 30 Monday, July 1 Tuesday, July 2
Wednesday, July 3 Thursday, July 4 Friday, July 5
Saturday, July 6 Sunday, July 7 Monday, July 8
Tuesday, July 9 Wednesday, July 10 Thursday, July 11
Friday, July 12 Saturday, July 13 Sunday, July 14
Monday, July 15 Tuesday, July 16 Wednesday, July 17
Thursday, July 18 Friday, July 19 Saturday, July 20
Sunday, July 21 Monday, July 22 Tuesday, July 23
Wednesday, July 24 Thursday, July 25 Friday, July 26
Saturday, July 27 Sunday, July 28 Monday, July 29
Tuesday, July 30 Wednesday, July 31

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