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What will top our annual poll this year for the Bay Area’s favorite Classical music?

It’s the best classical music ever, selected by the expert…you!  Help us decide KDFC’s Classical All-Stars 2011.  It's our Top 100 of the best classical pieces of all time.  We’d ask you to pick your favorite, but because it’s so hard to pick just one favorite, choose your top 3 between now and Sunday, January 9. 

What?  Your favorite piece isn’t on the list?  Then scroll to the bottom and write it in.  Hit the submit button and you can enter to win a pre-loaded iPod nano® of the classical Top 100 pieces!

This time we’re going to separate the votes for the Top 100 into a men’s list, a women’s list, plus a combined favorites list.  Join us beginning Monday, January 21 when we play our Top 100 back in a week-long countdown, the 2011 KDFC Classical All-Stars! 

It’s time to vote.


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