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5 Pieces Perfect For a Stroll in the Woods

There’s nothing quite like relaxing under the shade of a tall tree with a good book, hiking through a misty wooded park, or simply admiring some of the incredible forests California has to offer. Here are five classical pieces that are inspired by all the lovely trees and forests that have stayed with us throughout history.

Johann Strauss II: Waltz: Tales of Vienna Woods

This bold and lively piece was composed by Strauss in 1868 and is an ode to the folk music of the inhabitants of the Vienna Woods.

M. K. Čiurlionis: In the Forest

Čiurlionis started out as a composer and became a painter in his 30’s, creating a large body of over 300 works. “In the Forest” is a symphonic poem that portrays the beautiful forests in Lithuania, which is where the composer grew up.

Ottorino Respighi: “The Pines of Rome”

The Pines of Rome is divided into four movements and depicts the Italian capital’s distinguished umbrella pine trees in various locations around the city, at different times of the day.

Peter Tchaikovsky – The Forest of Fir Trees in Winter

The Forest of Fir Trees in Winter is a piece of classical music composed by Peter Tchaikovsky for The Nutcracker. Although this is a winter piece, it evokes a beautiful portrayal of a snowy forest that can be appreciated and enjoyed in any season!

Ralph Vaughan-Williams: The Linden Tree

My Orcha’d in Lindèn Lea was written by Dorset writer and poet William Barnes and the music is by Ralph Vaughan-Williams, one of the greatest British composers of the twentieth century. This piece celebrates pastoral beauty and depicts the harmony of humanity with nature. The words constantly refer to an apple tree in Linden Lea; it symbolizes more than just food, but a kind of spiritual nourishment that provides comfort to make listeners appreciate the simple beauty of their home.

Written by:
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee
Published on 07.06.2023