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Compose Your Own Bach Piece with Google Doodle

Image by Google

334 years later and he’s still innovative!

To celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday, Google has created its first ever Google Doodle powered by artificial intelligence. Users can create their own two measure melody and the AI Doodle harmonizes it in Bach’s signature style. In order to do that, 306 Bach pieces have been analyzed through machine learning which finds patterns in the compositions and then uses those examples to predict how Bach would harmonize the melody.

You can change the tempo, provide a little feedBach about the machine’s harmonization, and once you’re fully satisfied, you can download a MIDI recording of your masterpiece and share it with your friends! And if you grew up in the 80s, there’s a fun synthesizer mode so you compose in the style of Glam Bach!

Watch the Google software engineers explain how they developed this fun Bach Doodle:

Create your own version and find out more about the creation of the Google Doodle here.

Written by:
Ricardo Barton
Ricardo Barton
Published on 03.26.2019