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Your Playlist for Hangin’ in the Hammock

We’ve asked our hosts to recommend music for some iconic California summer experiences. Rik Malone wants you to enjoy hammock season with a playlist that’ll help you sway with the breeze.

Delius: By the River (from Florida Suite)

This is kind of the ultimate Hangin’ in the Hammock piece – all you need is the lazy river floating by, and maybe a tall, cool drink!

Finzi: Eclogue

A Take Me Away Moment to the English countryside, perfect for day-dreaming of wide-open spaces.

Smetana: Vltava (Moldau)

Let the river sweep you along! I have such vivid memories of this piece from my childhood, and it was one of my Ultimate Travel Memories when I finally got to see the river in person.

Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #2: II. Adagio

I love to say this is a piece you can truly wallow in, and it has so many great tunes (so many of which have become pop songs along the way) that you can also hum along!

Helen Jane Long: Echo

A fun piece to follow along with as the notes bounce off the trees – or maybe the buildings, if your hammock is on your balcony!

Williams: Binary Sunset

What can I say about this one? Let your mind drift to a galaxy far, far away and the astounding sight of twin suns setting over the dunes.

Written by:
Rik Malone
Rik Malone
Published on 07.09.2023