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Help Us With a Vital Dollar-for-Dollar Match!

Friends of KDFC are matching, dollar-for-dollar, 200 one-time donations of $120 to help us reach our fiscal year end goal!

Your support now will help raise the $75,000 needed to close out the fiscal year strong.


There’s really no way to measure the power, passion, and pleasure found in the works of Mozart, Brahms, Tchaikovsky or Mahler. But we can in fact measure the power of loyal listener support to share and spread the joy and limitless delight of classical music on KDFC. That’s why your fiscal year-end contribution to KDFC is so important right now!

There’s no substitute for what you do to make every note on KDFC possible. Your gift today, in any amount will ensure classical music continues to thrive on your radio, online and in your community.

Thank you for keeping the music we all love playing alive!

Supoort KDFC!
Written by:
The Classical Team
The Classical Team
Published on 06.10.2023