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I have trouble logging in

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  • If you’ve just signed up using an email, check that you’ve entered your email address correctly.

  • Check your spam/junk folder for an verification email from [email protected].

  • Try using the Resend verification link button when you try to login again.

  • Contact your email admin to check that emails from are not being blocked.

  • Check that your email address is set up, that your inbox isn't full, and that the mail server is not down or experiencing issues.

You can't open the links in the verification email

If the Verify your email link doesn’t open when you select it, this may be caused by your email client blocking links from being opened.


Open your email provider inside a web browser – like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox – then open the reset password email and select the link.

You could also copy the link from the email and then paste it into a browser window to complete the verification.

You do not receive a password reset email

Here are some reasons why you might not be receiving a password reset email:

  • You may not have created your account

  • Spam filter: 

    The email might be in your spam or junk folder. 

    You can add the sender's email address to your safe sender list and mark the emails as "Not Spam".

  • Incorrect email address: 

    The email address you're using might be incorrect in your account settings.

  • Blocked email account: 

    Your email account might be blocking the emails.

  • Outdated password reset link:

    The password reset link might be out of date and you need to try again.

  • Other causes: Other possible causes include:

    • Internet connectivity issues

    • Emails being accidentally deleted or sent to the trash folder

    • Problems with external email clients

    • Technical issues with the device or browser you are using to access your email

To reset your password, you can try:

  • Using a different browser

  • Clearing your browser cache

  • Using an incognito mode

  • Using your phone browser

  • Adjusting your email filters to allow messages from the sender

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Published on 11.08.2023