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It’s the Final Day of Our Winter Membership Drive!

On this last day of our Winter Membership Drive, we’re counting on you – our loyal KUSC listeners – for the important funding we need for us to be able to share this music that means so much to all of us. KUSC simply wouldn’t exist without the financial support of our listeners.

Click Here and Give to KUSC Now!

Take just a moment right now to let us know the station matters to you and add your gift to those of our other members who help us keep the music playing.

We always save the best for last, and we’ve outdone ourselves to encourage your contribution on this final day of the drive!

In the last few hours of our Winter Membership Drive, if you make a generous contribution of $10/month or $120 all at once to KUSC, we’ll thank you with the 5-CD set called Ultimate Classics, with world-class orchestras performing favorites of the classical repertoire, from Bach and Beethoven to Dvorak and Grieg, Mozart to Schubert, Verdi, Puccini and more! Make your contribution before 7pm to help make sure KUSC continues to be there for you with the music you love!

Make a Gift for a Chance to Win!

Plus, your donation today before 7pm will automatically enter your name into the drawing for the Night at the Theater Giveaway! The lucky winner will experience their choice of stage productions with a $1,000 Center Theater Group gift card. And we are also adding in a $500 Visa Gift Card that could be used for dinner for 2! (Complete rules and regulations are here).

Check out our other last Day Packages online, but don’t put off giving what you can before 7pm! Every time you hear KUSC in the coming year, you’ll get the great feeling of knowing you did your part to support classical music for all.

Written by:
The Classical Team
The Classical Team
Published on 03.10.2023