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KDFC Love at First Listen: SF Symphony Musicians Talk Their First Love

Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony | Photo by Stefan Cohen

We all have that first classical love, whether it was listening to your parents LPs, or watching Elmer Fudd chase Bugs Bunny, or at the movie theater watching ships waltz through space.

As part of KDFC’s Love at First Listen Week, we asked you to tell us your stories about the experience that sparked your love of classical music, and hundreds of KDFC listeners responded with touching stories that we’ve been sharing every hour this week. We also shared our stories with you, the ones that made us follow a classical career path.

Now, several musicians from the San Francisco Symphony have given us a special look into the music and experiences that began their in-depth journey into classical music.

Watch violinists Melissa Kleinbart and Raushan Akhmedyarova, Principal Percussionist Jacob Nissly, and Principal Trombonist Nick Platoff explain their Love at First Listen.

Written by:
The Classical Team
The Classical Team
Published on 10.02.2019