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Discover the Piano Music of Mana-Zucca

Week of July 2nd

Nanette Kaplan Solomon
Badinage – the Piano Music of Mana-Zucca

Let us introduce you to Mana-Zucca. The daughter of Polish emigres, Mana-Zucca (real name Gizella Zuccamanoff) was born in New York City on Christmas Day 1885. She was a child prodigy and spent a good deal of her childhood as a touring pianist. Early on, she decided to go by the name Mana-Zucca, a rearrangement of her last name. She studied in Europe with such prominent figures as Ferruccio Busoni and Leopold Godowsky. Mana-Zucca was also an accomplished soprano and composer, and it is as a composer that she is represented on this new recording by the pianist Nanette Kaplan Solomon. After a very full life, Mana-Zucca died in Miami in 1981 at the age of 95. You can read more on the KUSC Blog.

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Written by:
The Classical Team
The Classical Team
Published on 07.01.2018