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Proust in Love: A Classical Connection Heads to Auction

Marcel Proust and Reynaldo Hahn

It is now being revealed through personal letters between the two that Marcel Proust was in love, at least for a time, with the Venezuelan-born composer Reynaldo Hahn. Proust was the celebrated author of À la recherche du temps perdu (In Search of Lost Time; aka Remembrance of Things Past), which was published in seven parts between 1913 and 1927. He is considered to be one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. Hahn was a popular composer and singer; the darling of the Parisian salon set – and heard on KUSC.

Their intimate letters are part of an auction lot being offered by Sotheby’s Paris on behalf of Proust’s grand-niece. Read more.

Written by:
Dianne Nicolini
Dianne Nicolini
Published on 02.11.2020