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The Haunted Halls and Theaters of California

Across the U.S., Halloween-lovers flock to haunted venues hoping to encounter the supernatural. Many commercial haunted venues use classical music to evoke fear in their fright-seeking patrons. This combination comes about for good reason – many of the truly haunted venues in the U.S. are concert halls, opera houses, and theaters. And their ghosts may be lurking more closely than you think. To stir up a little good old-fashioned fright for you, we’ve compiled the following list of haunted music venues from Los Angeles to San Francisco!

The Avalon Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA

The Avalon Hollywood is notorious for its haunted halls and spirit patrons. This 1927 theatre leans into its haunted history and brands itself as such. From a ghostly piano player to a spectral couple still in love, spirits fill the venue, bringing even more life to the already lively halls.

The Chapel – San Francisco, CA

Once used as a mortuary, The Chapel now hosts a nightly dinner show. While the leftover machinery, not to mention the morgue’s supernatural sensations, lends a distinctly creepy feeling to this venue. The Chapel is also associated with a most shocking paranormal activity- in 2015, a security camera on the property captured the image of the ghost of a little girl.

The Curran Theatre – San Francisco, CA

The Curran Theatre, located in the heart of San Francisco’s theatre district, was built in 1922 and has been a staple on the scene ever since. Despite still attracting artists and customers from around the world, things took a slight turn in 1933. That was when Hewlett Tarr, an employee working in the ticket office, was shot to death at the venue. To this day, Tarr’s ghost is said to still work at the theatre, reminding patrons to silence their phones and making surprise guest appearances in the lobby mirrors.

The Hollywood Pacific Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

The Hollywood Pacific Theatre was home to many shows over its 70 active years, but all life left when it closed in 1994 – or so it seemed. Frightfully, to this day, deceased owner, Sam Warner, is said to walk the halls reminiscing on his time at the once prosperous theatre.

The Palace Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

The oldest theatre on the list and the oldest theatre in the country, The Palace Theatre opened in 1911 and has remained in the public eye ever since. Notably, the venue was featured in Michael Jackson’s Thriller (an already creepy start to the story). On top of that, the bodies of three people were found on the ground floor. The apparitions of former occupants seen on the deck of the third floor and occasionally floating across the stage further elevate the mystery.

Written by:
Symon Braun Freck
Symon Braun Freck
Published on 10.31.2021