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Top Reasons Why We Love Being a Public Radio Station

Is there a difference between a commercial radio station and a listener-supported station? Yes! That’s a lesson we’ve learned together over the last decade. Ten years ago the commercial owners of KDFC decided they could make more money if they flipped the format of the station. KDFC could have vanished forever, but instead, it was reborn as a listener-supported station.

And here are some reasons why we like it better this way!

“No commercials! And it feels like there’s a more profound connection to the listeners in that they are truly stakeholders.”
– Dianne Nicolini

“I love hearing from listeners. It makes our membership drives an inspirational way to cover operating costs because our listeners are so eloquent, clever, and funny. It feels like we are all in this together.”
– Robin Pressman

“More programming variety without commercial pressures.”
– Rik Malone

“I love how emotionally invested the listeners are in what we do There is a sense of ownership and pride in the station we have become. I don’t miss the ads EVER, especially the political ads every few years. It’s been wonderful to meet with families at our events and hear from young people who have grown up with KDFC. I met pianist Natasha Paremski at an event and after I introduced myself she responded, “KDFC Hoyt? I grew up listening to you.” Very cool.”
– Hoyt Smith

“Public media has always been about the audience and that’s what I love most about what we do. Our listeners take such an active part in the day to day workings of KDFC. I love that we can feature recordings and profiles of our musical neighbors. It really makes us feel like a community! And I can’t wait to get back to events like Kids Discovery Day and Opera in the Ballpark!”
– Jennifer Miller

“The biggest reason I prefer KDFC as a listener-supported stated is that now the destiny of the station is in the hands of the listeners who love it.”
– Bill Lueth

Written by:
Kelsey McConnell
Kelsey McConnell
Published on 02.23.2021