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Your Trip to the Arcade Just Got Even Better!

Your trip to the arcade just got even better! Arcade is Classical California's stream of classical plus music for the game space. Music that transports you to new worlds, hosted by Jennifer Miller Hammel. And now there’s even more to enjoy!

We've expanded the adventure with music from recent favorites like Baldur’s Gate 3, Undertale, Elden Ring, and also fresh takes on gaming icons like Castlevania, Mario Kart, Chrono Trigger, and more! For the classical side, you’ll join Offenbach for a Can-Can and travel through time with Grieg.

Listen now on our website or our free smartphone app.

Stream Arcade with Jennifer Miller Hammel

Classical California’s Jennifer Miller Hammel takes the controller to enchant you with hours and hours of today and yesterday’s music for interactive games, plus classical pieces used in games or that inspired today’s composers.

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This is the first of many expansions to come! Is there a game you'd love to hear on Arcade? Let us know!

Written by:
Jennifer Miller Hammel
Jennifer Miller Hammel
Published on 05.21.2024