KDFC President Bill Lueth

We’re almost ready to move in! Soon we’ll be broadcasting from our new “Window to the Music” facility across from Davies Symphony Hall and the Opera House in San Francisco. KDFC’s Batishwa Miner Broadcast Center is set to open for broadcast in August and we can’t wait. Here’s an update on our progress as we make the finishing touches.

The Entrance

The magic takes place beyond this door. The gray wall will soon display the names of the major donors who contributed to the building fund. The piano will soon be delivered to occupy the open space on the left.

The Osher Studio

The glass has been installed in The Osher Studio. You’ll be able to see our hosts in action and they will see you when you are in the neighborhood.


Here’s a look at the open-office section which leads to some private offices, the cantina, and the kitchen at the back.

Event Spaces

Upstairs on the 11th floor, we’ll share special experiences with you in the Bowes Center for the Performing Arts. What a view!

The Rack Room

This center of operations is being filled with whoozits and whatzits galore. The Rack Room is where everything comes together to connect the studios with our transmitters and digital platforms.

It won’t be long before your favorite hosts enter through this door and say “Hello” from our new location in San Francisco!

Thank you to all of you that have contributed to the building fund to make this dream a reality. For those still thinking about lending a hand with our new studio, there’s still a need, and yes, still time to help us finish our building campaign and even get your name on the donor wall in our lobby. Find out more.


How Can You Help?

If you would like more information about the Window to the Music Building Fund and interested in supporting KDFC during this exciting new chapter, please contact KDFC’s Director of Major Giving, Lori Burrill. She can be reached at [email protected] or (949) 439-8582.

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