Classical KDFC Neighborhood Arts Spotlight, showcasing the great work of the Bay Area’s lesser-known, but no less important, non-profit Arts Organizations!

The Bay Area’s Arts Community boasts hundreds of organizations: music, theater, dance, visual arts, digital arts, and many that are breaking new ground in ways that are hard to classify! Many of these groups are small with shoe-string budgets and limited resources, so their inspired and sometimes groundbreaking work often goes virtually unnoticed. Click here to apply!

This month, the Classical KDFC Neighborhood Arts Spotlight shines on:

Vintner’s Chamber Orchestra

Vintners Chamber Orchestra is a dynamic and flexible ensemble that presents concerts throughout Sonoma and Napa Counties in both traditional and non-traditional spaces, combining innovative musical performance with literary readings, art galleries, dance and theater, and wellness experiences. Comprised of seasoned professionals as well as faculty and students from Sonoma State’s renowned Department of Music, the Vintner’s Chamber Orchestra is the only chamber orchestra based in Sonoma County.

Listen to our Neighborhood Arts Spotlight on Vintner’s Chamber Orchestra below:

Voci Women’s Vocal Ensemble from Oakland

Founded in 1991, Voci promotes music written for and by women, commissioning new works for women’s voices and by women composers from the Bay Area and beyond. Comprised of 24-26 singers, Voci Women’s Vocal Ensemble is recognized as one of the finest choral groups in the Bay Area, with a unique mastery of style and technique and innovative programming for followers who find solace, joy, inspiration and peace in its concerts.

Listen to our Neighborhood Arts Spotlight on Voci Women’s Vocal Ensemble below:

Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco

Since 1966, Theatre Flamenco has produced richly imaginative shows in collaboration with local and international artists, offering classes with world famous flamenco artists to students of all ages and abilities, and maintaining strong ties to flamenco artists around the world. The Bay Area continues to be an important center for the art of flamenco outside of Spain, and Theatre Flamenco is committed to bringing that authentic experience from Spain to the San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Listen to our Neighborhood Arts Spotlight on Theatre Flamenco below:

Prometheus Symphony Orchestra

Prometheus Symphony Orchestra presents five free concerts for the Oakland-East Bay community each season, each accompanied by a pre-concert discussion. Their young artist competition provides youth musicians an opportunity to compete for a cash prize and perform a concerto with the full orchestra each year, and their Women Composers series promotes an underrepresented group and discovery of new favorites in classical music.

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