Classical KDFC Neighborhood Arts Spotlight, showcasing the great work of the Bay Area’s lesser-known, but no less important, non-profit Arts Organizations!

The Bay Area’s Arts Community boasts hundreds of organizations: music, theater, dance, visual arts, digital arts, and many that are breaking new ground in ways that are hard to classify! Many of these groups are small with shoe-string budgets and limited resources, so their inspired and sometimes groundbreaking work often goes virtually unnoticed. Click here to apply!

This month, the Classical KDFC Neighborhood Arts Spotlight shines on:

Golden Gate Opera in Marin County

Mission: Golden Gate Opera’s mission is to enrich the lives of everyone in the community with professional, cutting-edge performances that fully engage and inspire people of all ages and all cultural and economic backgrounds. Whether drama or comedy, Golden Gate Opera’s performances combine all art forms – vocal and instrumental music, theater, drama, visual arts, and even dance – to tell powerful stories and convey empowering messages to adults and children alike. Through the celebration of the unamplified human voice, Golden Gate Opera brings art to life, stimulating and teaching through its high quality performances and educational programs.

Listen to our Neighborhood Arts Spotlight on Golden Gate Opera below:

Del Sol String Quartet

The Del Sol String Quartet revels in the risk of constantly reimagining the string quartet, in order to build community around art, artistic process, our environment and our culture. Supported by the non-profit Del Sol Performing Arts Organization, the quartet shares living music with an ever-growing community of adventurous listeners. Del Sol is fascinated by the feedback loop between social change and artistic innovation. Committed to advancing art as a whole and providing access to a diverse range of audience, the quartet focuses on commissioning and performing new works, forming unusual and provocative collaborations, and sharing their work globally through a variety of recording and education projects.

Listen to our Neighborhood Arts Spotlight on Del Sol String Quartet below:

Vallejo Symphony

The Mission of the Vallejo Symphony Orchestra is to present performances of symphonic music of the highest possible artistic excellence for the citizens of Vallejo and Solano County; to cultivate and nurture the appreciation and enjoyment of classical music in people of all ages; and to serve and shape the musical, cultural and educational interests of the people of Vallejo and Solano County.

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Berkeley Folk Dancers

Berkeley Folk Dancers has been active for over seventy years! It is a group of nearly 200 people of all ages who enjoy doing a variety of folk dances at all levels of athleticism. All kinds of people belong to BFD, from teenagers to retired people. Couples and singles are equally welcome. Lessons on four levels are held weekly; parties and special events are scheduled throughout the year. Folk-dancing is for folks!

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San Francisco Women Artists

SFWA, one of California’s oldest nonprofit 501(c)(3) arts organizations was founded in 1887. From our humble beginnings and to this day, the mission of SFWA is guided by the conviction that creating and appreciating art has the power to enrich lives, and SFWA continues to support, promote and exhibit the work of talented Bay Area artists.

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Pajaro Valley Arts

Pajaro Valley Arts (PVA), founded in 1984, is a grassroots arts organization composed of artists and community volunteers working together to improve access to the arts for the diverse populations residing in the Pajaro Valley. Every year, PVA produces six to seven visual art exhibitions showcasing local, regional, and national artists at all stages of their careers. The focus of the PVA gallery is to illuminate cultural diversity, offer historical perspective, and reflect upon current social and environmental issues. Artist talks and gallery tours expand upon the themes and issues addressed.

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Voices of Silicon Valley

Founded in 2014, our mission is to provide a new outlet for musical collaborations in the Silicon Valley Area and greater Bay area, especially multi-media collaborations that make music more exciting and relevant to our audiences through the use of technology. In particular, we combine vocal singing with technology, thus presenting traditional choral works in a new light, and we encourage local composers & artists to create new works for this special combination.

Listen to our Neighborhood Arts Spotlight on Voices of Silicon Valley below:

San Francisco Renaissance Voices

We are the San Francisco Bay Area’s only professional mixed-voice ensemble dedicated to performing and exploring the a cappella choral music of the Renaissance particularly lesser-known and rarely-performed works, as well as exploring music from this period outside of the traditional European canon.

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