KDFC President Bill Lueth in his home office.

Thanks for your continued encouragement and support of KDFC! Continuing from my recent blog post about KDFC’s move to the San Francisco Arts District, I’d now like to share a view of what the inside of KDFC’s new home will look like. As you can tell, these images are artist renderings and the construction to bring these renderings to life is happening right now! It’s a very exciting time. I will share regular updates with you along the way. If you are able to support KDFC’s “Your Window to the Music” building fund, we are very appreciative. And now, on to your “virtual tour.”

The construction of KDFC’s new broadcast home is underway inside the new Bowes Performing Arts Center in the San Francisco Arts District.

KDFC will be on the second floor at 200 Van Ness, across from Davies Symphony Hall.

Upon arriving to the second floor, you will be welcomed into your KDFC home.

KDFC’s reception area on the second floor in Bowes Performing Arts Center.

Visitors will immediately turn left into our “living room” that we are excited to use for small events and pre-concert soirees around the piano. Our office proximity to the downtown Performing Arts venues means that the city’s most talented performers will be able to conveniently drop by for a chat or a quick performance for us to share with you.

KDFC’s “Living Room” will host artists, listeners and intimate community events.

Our living room expands into a seating area that will also be used for staff meetings during business hours. All of these spaces overlook Van Ness Avenue, Davies Symphony Hall, and the San Francisco Opera House.

Turning right down the hall is the main broadcast studio with its big ‘window to the music’ as shown below. Our hosts are excited to get into the new space and continue to share KDFC’s brand of classical music with our listeners.

Hosts prepare their programs for you each day in the Announcers Study. It is adjacent to the music department’s office where hosts and programmers can easily communicate to create best-in-class classical music programming to be enjoyed in the Bay Area and beyond. To keep the music playing, other spaces essential for our staff include the technical operations center, production studios, space for digital staff, underwriting as well as a staff cantina.

The Announcer’s Study and workspace for pre-show preparation.

We are thrilled to be able to host KDFC special events in the Bowes Center performance spaces located throughout the building. These include the dramatic street-side concert hall right at the sidewalk of Van Ness. We’ll be showcasing young talent, unique casual music events, and given the proximity to our downtown arts partners, we’re planning for many exciting collaborations.

View of the recital hall located on the first floor of the Bowes Performing Arts Center. Performances will be visible to all from Van Ness Avenue.

Finally, KDFC will be inviting you to the awe-inspiring 11th-floor concert hall which overlooks the city of San Francisco including city hall. Imagine taking in an intimate concert hosted by KDFC and walking out on the roof deck for a beverage to enjoy the view while celebrating both the music, and the moment.

Bowes Performing Arts Center 11th floor Concert Hall.

You can imagine how excited we are to move in and get the show started! We plan to settle in during the winter months and invite you to visit when the time is right.

As may have read in all of my previous blogs, all of this is made possible by listener support. If you’d like to participate in helping make this dream possible and keeping the future of KDFC bright, you can make a gift here. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in keeping the music playing on KDFC, and to literally and figuratively ensure its place in the heart of San Francisco’s arts community. If you’re interested in making a gift at the $5,000 level or higher, we would be proud to add your name to our donor wall at the entrance of our offices.

We can’t wait to welcome you in person. And thank you again for your support of KDFC’s “Your Window to the Music” campaign. Please give at KDFC.com or call (949) 439-8582.

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