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James A. Muhammad*
President, USC Radio Group
Vanessa Arias-Herrera
Executive Assistant to the President
Bill Lueth*
President, KDFC
Helene Sarrow
Administrative Assistant


Mark Steinmetz*
Vice President, Content, USC Radio
Kelsey McConnell
Program Director
Kate Sunday
Director of Digital Content
Rik Malone
Music Programmer/Host
John Van Driel
Music Programmer/Host
Greg Perez
Digital Media and Visual Design Specialist
Mark Hatwan
Technical Production
Stephen Page
Promotions Producer
Jeffrey Freyman
Carolina Correa
Anne Litton
Social Media Producer


Maggie Clennon Reberg
Dianne Nicolini
Robin Pressman
Lara Downes
Jennifer Miller
Alan Chapman
Brian Lauritzen
John Van Driel
Rik Malone
Rich Capparela
Suraj Partha
Brisa Siegel
Solomon Reynolds

Development and Community Engagement

Minnie Prince*
Chief Philanthropic and Community Development Officer, USC Radio Group
Gail Eichenthal
Senior Director, Community Engagement
Lori Burrill
Major Giving Director
Jace Wittig
Mid-Level Giving Officer
Johnnya Burruss
On-Air Fundraising Director
Jaime Cisneros
Database Administrator
Susannah Hutchison
Gift Processing Coordinator
Eli Carrillo
Gift Processing Coordinator
Ahmanie Cohill
Front Desk Customer Service Representative

Marketing and Sponsorship

Bill Lueth*
Vice President, Marketing and Sponsorship, USC Radio Group
Mary Mueller
Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
John Leathers
Senior Manager Underwriting and Corporate Partnerships
Jennifer Ishii
Senior Account Executive
Nanette Zhang
Marketing Coordinator

Engineering and Operations

Justin Collard*
Chief Technology Officer, USC Radio Group
Ron Thompson
Director of Engineering
Aavesh Naykodi
Director of Digital Technology
Cliff Nielsen
IT Specialist
Bill Kappelman
Director of Compliance
Steve Coghill
Director of Operations
Jonathan Bibayan
Associate Director of User Journey
Steve Sevy
Operations Coordinator
Alex Ponce
Broadcast Operations Specialist

Business Office

Dan Sy*
Senior Business Officer
Tony Pham
Budget/Business Technician
Christopher Stephan
Budget/Business Technician
Nicole Lattimore
Budget/Business Technician