KDFC’s Brian Lauritzen and Germaine Franco

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Almost a year later, Germaine Franco has won a Grammy Award for “Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media” for her Encanto soundtrack.

Germaine Franco talks with Brian Lauritzen about writing the score for the Oscar-winning Disney film Encanto, their 60th animated feature. She had to create a musical world inspired by the sounds and rhythms of Colombia, which would complement the songs by Lin Manuel Miranda. The story tells of the Madrigal family, whose members possess magical gifts – except for Mirabel.

For the project, because of Covid, she wasn’t able to travel to Colombia for research. Instead, she brought Colombia to her studio, in the form of books, all kinds of musical recordings, and several special instruments native to the region. Having gotten her musical start as a percussionist, Franco (who also was part of the musical team for the Pixar film Coco) says both rhythmic and melodic ideas are linked to the various characters.