The guitarist Miloš  had to stop performing for over a year, as he dealt with an injury to his right hand. The time allowed him to recalibrate and rebuild his technique without the strain of concert tours. It also allowed him to reevaluate his priorities, and listen to other people’s music. All of which played a part in his new release, called Sound of Silence.

There’s more information about the recording on Miloš’ website.

“The music was the main reason why it was worthwhile to come back,” he explains. “And playing this wonderful instrument, and finding the love and this amazing way of connection with it again.” The involuntary break began with growing discomfort in one of his hands. “When I started to feel a little bit strange in my right hand, when it felt really really tight, and I felt as if I was playing against a hundred kilo of weight, I didn’t know what was going on. But it was the first time that I was facing something like that. Because before, in the past, I was able to go through anything, just by sheer will and determination. And this sort of intense stubbornness that’s always been part of my character. But this time it was impossible, and it was my body’s way of saying, ‘Hold on. You’re asking for way too much for me. And you need to stop, and you need to re-evaluate all of this before I will give you the chance to have it all again. And that’s exactly what happened.” Although it was scary not knowing what was ahead, he says the injury helped put his life in perspective. “There were dark moments, there were light moments, there were moments of incredible happiness, because when you are not on tour, and when you are at home, you have suddenly all this time. You have time for friends, for family, for… life. It was a really, really interesting time, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because today, where I’m sitting, and how I’m feeling, it is so much better. And it feels so much more secure. It feels that I’ve grown up, and I think that reflects in my music.” The album includes a mix of some classical guitar pieces, but also arrangements of pop songs he listened to while unable to play. “This album really brings together music that simply just becomes music. And I’m very lucky to have had the chance to select a playlist of music that has inspired that journey of recovery and rediscovery.”