Classical RevolutionClassical Revolution has grown since it began as a group of instrumentalists gathering to play at each other’s apartments ten years ago. They’ve got a regular gig at the Revolution Cafe, and have expanded this season (in honor of the anniversary year) to be able to play orchestral repertoire. They’re playing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony this Friday night at 7 at Grace Cathedral. Violist and Classical Revolution founder Charith Premawardhana gives the details.

There’s more information about the concert at the Classical Revolution website.

“This past year, in celebration of our ten year anniversary,” Premawardhana explains, “we’ve been putting all the musicians of our community together to form this Classical Revolution Orchestra. We’ve been performing all nine Beethoven symphonies since February, so we’re now culminating with the ninth, Friday at Grace Cathedral.” That concert will also include an appearance by the Musical Art Quintet, a subset of CR players. The ensemble, which has hosted chamber music jams, has a core group of twelve to twenty players, which can expand and shrink as called for by the music. It started out when many of the players were either finishing or just out of music school. “We were getting together to play casually in our living rooms, and things like that. Then we would go play in the BART station for tips, for lunch money. And then we put that into the café setting, and so that’s when we started playing at Revolution Café, and it’s been ten years ago now. Since then we’ve been invited to perform in various venues around San Francisco, including you know, places like Yoshi’s, the DeYoung Museum, and the Legion of Honor.”