The Piedmont Chamber Music Festival, co-founded by pianist Juliana Han and violinist Wayne Lee, returns to the Piedmont Center for the Arts next week, as they present their second season. They’ll be joined by the other three members of Lee’s Formosa Quartet, plus soloists on the flute, clarinet, and harp.

There’s more information at the Piedmont Chamber Music Festival website.

A year and a half ago, the two had the first idea of starting their own festival: “We had been driving through Piedmont, which is Wayne’s home town,” Han says, “and we went by the Piedmont Center for the Arts. And Wayne pointed over, and he said that is an amazing venue for chamber music, it’s small, it’s intimate, it’s got a great piano, good acoustics… We should start something there.” And so they approached the Center, and were enthusiastically received. However, they only had about six months to organize the entire festival. This year was a little less stressful, and Han says they’ve continued to have great support from the community. “One of the biggest things I learned is if everybody feels like they’re included and having a great time, it is a success. Because people feel welcome, they feel a part of the festival. And this year has been easier, not only because  we’ve had the background and learning from last year, but because we have people on the ground who say ‘how can we help? How is it going? What do you need?’”