The Community Music Center’s branch in the Mission (at 544 Capp Street) opens its doors to the public this Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00, for one of what they call their ‘CMC Sundays.’ It gives both their students and the public at large a chance to explore some of the resources the Center has to offer, including demo lessons, jam sessions, seminars and an instrument petting zoo.

You can find out more about the open house at the Community Music Center website.

Program Director Sylvia Sherman says they have these programs three times a year, as a way to let students and those not familiar with the CMC get to know what’s there. “They’re open houses where musicians can play music with others. We have different kinds of jam sessions and sight-reading opportunities, and it’s also a place where community members can step in and sample a class whether it be a private lesson on piano, or guitar or violin, or a group class, like a vocal harmony workshop or a Latin jazz ensemble… The aim for CMC Sundays is on one hand for our current students who may be taking a private lesson in any one of thirty instruments to get a chance to play with others. So for instance this Sunday, we’ll have a old-time music jam session, and a Latin jazz jam session. So if you’re playing piano and studying jazz, but you don’t usually get to play with other people, that would be the place for you. Or you’re playing guitar, or mandolin, or banjo.” Sherman describes the Center as a providing a different role for different people, but says they provide each with a point of entry. “A student can come in, and many students do come in and take their very first lesson here. But we are also the place where high school students, or middle school students who have been playing in their orchestra class, but haven’t had the opportunity to get more technical instruction, to take private lessons or to play music with other young kids in some of our teen ensembles… Or we’re the place where an older adult who couldn’t study and couldn’t play music for all those times because they were busy working and raising a family can come back and reconnect with music.” She says that sometimes kids exposed to the musical petting zoo want to return to take one their early childhood music programs, or family music, but even if they don’t, the CMC’s open houses are a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.