The Morgenstern Trio from Germany makes their Music at Kohl Mansion debut this Sunday evening, playing music by Frank Martin, Schubert, and Ravel. While the Ravel trio is underway, there will also be a live painting by visual artist Peggy Gyulai, inspired by the music. Executive Director Patricia Kristof Moy says Gyulai is going to be the featured artist for the season, with works displayed at each of the concerts, although this is the only concurrent painting scheduled.

You can find out more about the concert at the Music at Kohl Mansion website, and about the painter at Peggy Gyulai‘s site. Music at Kohl Mansion is also a drop-off site for KDFC’s Instrument Drive, running through November 19th.

There have been visual featured artists now for several seasons, but they usually just have their artwork on display, not the process of creating it. “Peggy attended one of our concerts last season,” Moy says, “And she had her sketchpad with her, and she was furiously sketching. After which we were thrilled to come over and say, ‘Can we have a look at what you’ve done?’ And it was stunning, and I learned a little more about Peggy, she is a painter who takes her entire inspiration from classical music.” Gyulai says she gives herself a bit of a headstart. “Music is something that happens over time, and it generally is very quick compared to the amount of time it takes to make a painting. I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to start with something already on the canvas, I’m sort of setting time ahead a little bit for myself. So I can paint in front of the audience, they can understand what I’m doing by watching what I’m doing as they hear the notes and the music play.” Patricia Kristof Moy says the special celebratory nature of Sunday’s concert is in keeping with their anniversary year: “35 seasons for a chamber music only series in the Bay Area is a real record. We’re very very fortunate to still be very true to our original mission, which is to present chamber music only, because our venue is such a perfect space for it.”