San Francisco Conservatory of MusicThe San Franciso Conservatory of Music holds their special Kick-Off Weekend with six concerts beginning this Friday evening, involving many fields of study, and centered around the theme this year of Music, Politics, and Social Justice. Kate Sheeran, Provost and Dean at SFCM gives an overview of the weekend, which includes a concert with more than a hundred guitarists.

There’s more information about the weekend at the SFCM website.

The first concert, on Friday, is of chamber music for strings and piano, as well as solo piano works. Pre-college division students will present a recital at 5:30 on Saturday, before the first orchestral concert of the season. “It’s with our new orchestra music director, Eric Dudley,” Sheeran says. “They’ll be doing Joan Tower’s Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, John Adams’ The Chairman Dances, and Beethoven’s Third Symphony.” The repertoire on each of the programs relates to the over-arching theme, including the historical performance program’s presentation called ‘The Good Old Dollar Bill,’ of songs from early American and British musical theater and vaudeville. The concert with the most attention getting name is 100 Guitars on Sunday afternoon. “The most fun about this was brainstorming with the faculty. We’d throw out the craziest ideas we possibly could, and [guitar department chair David Tanenbaum] said, there are these two pieces…One calls for at least 50 guitars, and one calls for at least one hundred, and both of them are great fits for this, and there’s this element of spectacle and celebration that go along with them.”