Peninsula Symphony will be joined by the eclectic Saint Michael Trio (sometimes known as ‘Saint Mike’) for their concerts this Friday and Saturday. Music Director Mitchell Sardou Klein says they’ll play music by Claude Bolling, Astor Piazzolla, Cameron Wilson, W.C. Handy, and more – plus, the orchestra will continue its ‘Fortissima’ series of programming of works by living women composers with Gwyneth Walker’s Concert Suite.

There’s more information about the concert at the Peninsula Symphony website, and also the Saint Michael Trio site.

“These are three really quite amazing young men who have created a very distinctive personality as performers,” says Mitchell Sardou Klein. “They perform the standard piano trio literature and they’re very good at it. They also love to do jazz, and they’re terrific at that. These are all three people who have major careers someplace else, very prominent ones, but have made a tremendously successful presence as a piano trio.” During the day, violinist Daniel Cher is a doctor, who designs medical devices; cellist Michel Flexer is a software engineer; and pianist Russell Hancock is CEO of a company that analyzes the economy of the Silicon Valley. Klein says the trio doesn’t stand on convention. “The way they present music, they like to talk about it in a very concise original way. They are not your standard ‘walk out, take a bow’ kind of performers, but they’re much more engaging, much more personable than a lot of classical artists are on stage.”