Bruno Ferrandis begins his final full season at the helm of the Santa Rosa Symphony with a special guest soloist: his brother Jean Ferrandis, who will play Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G Major, and a work written by Leonard Bernstein, dedicated to the memory of an Israeli flute player. There’s also Benjamin Britten and Beethoven on the program called ‘The Magic of the Flute’ this Saturday through Monday.

There’s more about the concert at the Santa Rosa Symphony website.

The program begins with the 20th Century repertoire – Benjamin Britten’s ‘Four Sea Interludes’ from his opera Peter Grimes, followed by Bernstein’s Halil, which is the Israeli word for flute.”It’s dedicated to a young Israeli flutist who died during  the Yom Kippur war between the Egyptians and the Israelis on the Canal of Suez,” Ferrandis explains. “It is very moving, of course, and Lenny in his dedication says very clearly he didn’t know Yadin Tenenbaum, but to his memory he dedicates the piece. So it’s very touching…  Lots of percussion, lots of very interesting rhythm, and shadow of the flute, because in the background, you have an alto flute, and a piccolo flute who double from afar, they are like an echo, a ghost of the flutist, of the dead soldier, Yadin.”   The second half goes back to the Classical era, with Mozart’s concerto, ending with the eighth symphony of Beethoven.