San Francisco Friends of Chamber MusicSF Music Day Live + Free returns to the Veterans Building this Sunday at noon for eight hours of free performances of chamber music in a wide variety of styles and genres. 35 groups, with more than 150 players will take part in the celebration that the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music hosts each year. This year there’s also a special ‘Field Report’ focusing on the first 250 years of the String Quartet.

There’s a complete schedule of the performances at the SFFCM website.

Executive Director Dominique Pelletey describes the event this way: “It’s a kind of snack bar of music, where you take what you want, and maybe you want to have your seat, so you stay there for hours, and listen music that you maybe never heard.” But by the same token, you can listen for five minutes to another performance, and if it’s not your cup of tea, you can go to one of the other three venues within the Veterans Building. “The whole spirit of SF Music Day is to celebrate the Bay Area music community, and all of its diversity and all of its creativity,” says Executive Associate Kyle Bruckman, who’s also an oboist and composer. “Those of us who are musicians on the ground, we love the energy of this place, and how many players jump around from ensemble to ensemble, from genre to genre. There’ll be jazz represented very strongly, very traditional forms, extremely cutting edge forms as well. Everything from Renaissance music to compositions where the ink’s still wet. It’s going to be fun.” Moderating the String Quartet forum will be Kai Christiansen, with nine area ensembles beginning with the St. Lawrence String Quartet, and ending with Quartet San Francisco, the Del Sol String Quartet, and Kronos.