Building on last year’s ‘KDFC Sound Logo‘ theme, composer Kevin Becker — who just finished his sophomore year at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music — arranged the newest set of logos for small brass ensembles. The new batch of variations will be heard on our air during the next year. It was part of a multi-year collaboration between the station and the Conservatory’s TAC (Technology and Applied Composition) program.

There’s more information about the competition and project at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music website.

Last year, Jana Ma won the first competition with a submission for strings alone, with the challenge of creating a brief but recognizable theme that would complement the on-air sound of KDFC. That was used as this year’s starting point, and Becker says it offered many options to him and the other TAC students who were competing for the honor this year: “Luckily, Jenna Ma did a great job with the theme that lends itself to variation and different genres, and so I’m looking forward to seeing even more variations come out as the competition progresses.” The TAC program includes film scoring, and video game sound design; despite the technology available, Becker chose to begin with pen and paper.  “We’re pretty half-and-half traditional composition program, and also newer media scoring techniques, which is what I’m looking to go into, and this was a really informative process for that part… In the TAC program, we have a semester project that we conduct with SONY, and essentially we are given these hypothetical game concepts, and we’re asked to create a theme for the game. And we go through the process of revisions, and eventually we do get it recorded by a live section. So it’s very similar to this competition in that way. For these pieces, I looked into the brass writings of John Williams and Holst, primarily. And I tried to model my style after what they were able to do with the genre.”