Steuart PincombeA project that began 10 months ago has brought Steuart and Michelle Pincombe all over the US (and even into Canada) travelling with their dog in a vintage trailer from 1959. Music in Familiar Spaces began as a project to allow them to spend more time with each other, and play music to new and unconventional audiences. Steuart Pincombe will play solo Bach at Harmonic Brewing in San Francisco on the 19th.

There’s more information about the project at the Music in Familiar Spaces website.

They were living in the Netherlands – with Steuart was frequently touring, and Michelle working at an international court in The Hague. (She had studied voice at Oberlin, where they met.) They were frustrated and decided on the project. “We thought, ‘OK, what can we do where both of our energy is used well, and that puts us together?’ So we decided to go into this extreme of living in a very small space together for a year, working as a team to bring music to more everyday people than what classical concerts usually attract.” Their approach was kickstarter-funded, and venues were decided by suggestions from fans, and friends. And they decided to try to see if they could make an Indy rock band approach work for classical music. “We’re not encouraging other classical musicians to run around the planet in a trailer,” Steuart explains. “Musicians who are in a place can be encouraged to do something in their town, which is a much easier feat. But we’re happy to get our hands dirty in this project to try to pave a way for other people.”