A concert this Saturday afternoon called Peace on Earth will include all of the choirs of the Young Women’s Choral Projects of San Francisco. Led by veteran music director Susan McMane, they’ll sing works for the season. Their premiere chorus has also just released its first recording, called ‘Rejoice’ including both familiar and new holiday works.

There’s more information about the choirs at the Young Women’s Choral Projects website.

Susan McMane says the training choirs for younger singers will be included in Saturday’s concert at Cavalry Presbyterian Church. “The full chorus is called is called the ‘Young Women’s Choral Projects of San Francisco…’ It’s an umbrella for a girls’ choral training program. Our top choir is a premiere chorus, auditioned chorus of girls from middle school and high school, it’s called the Young Women’s Chorus of San Francisco (YMC), and it does a lot of concerts in San Francisco and around the world actually.” And that’s the ensemble on their new CD, which she says has a broad offering of repertoire. “I wanted it to be some known things and some unknown things. I wanted to show the chorus in its most spectacular way, cause I think it’s a really wonderful group of young women that work really hard to make great music. And so some of it is contemporary music written just for the chorus, and some of it is Hildegard of Bingen singing unison chant, which is not so easy to do.”