Exciting news! An anonymous donor has offered a $1.5 million dollar challenge grant that will add $500,000 to the For the Music campaign over three years. We successfully met the first year’s requirement that we raise $500,000 in matching funds. To win the next two $500,000 installments, we must raise $1 million in matching funds in years two and three. We are well on the way to the $1 million we must raise in 2015.

Please do all you can to help us take advantage of this dollar-for-dollar match by making a contribution here.

KDFC is taking its place as one of the Bay Area’s important cultural institutions. To achieve its full potential and realize its bold vision for a permanent radio home For the Music, KDFC has launched a capital campaign seeking $10 million in capital investments.

Start-up and Operating Funds—$7.5 million
These resources are funding the acquisition of radio frequencies, equipment upgrades and other capital investments to build KDFC’s infrastructure.

Expansion Efforts—$1.5 million
Plans for strategic growth include integrating new technologies, creating innovative programming, expanding local arts advocacy and initiatives for children, broadening Bay Area content on the website, expanded broadcast coverage of local performances, and acquiring and equipping a new, larger studio space.

Endowment for the Future—$1 million
KDFC will seed an endowment to create a secure financial future. Endowment funds provide a stable, predictable income stream for the future.

KDFC has undertaken a bold challenge as we make the transition to a listener-supported radio station.  Thanks to the University of Southern California’s $18 million investment—of which $7.5 million was a loan that must be repaid—we were able to make the leap.  As a fledgling public radio station, our task now is to attract the gifts that will secure KDFC’s financial health and provide a permanent home For the Music.

All contributions are welcome. Every gift, from $10 to $100,000 and more, makes a difference. To make your contribution, please click here or call 1-888-966-5332. To learn more about KDFC’s For the Music campaign, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page below.

Gifts of appreciated stock and estate gifts are also welcome for those who want to support KDFC but may not be able to make a large gift out of current income. For more information, contact Minnie Prince, Director of Development, at 213-225-7534 or at [email protected]



Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for considering a gift For the Music!