Classical KDFC provides access to great classical music, offers education and insight to this music for a sophisticated Bay Area audience, and supports the local arts community as its voice of the arts and as a portal to the rich diversity of our performing arts scene


The Bay Area’s Arts Ecosystem is significant:


700+ Arts Organizations:  Symphony Orchestras, Theatre Groups, Opera Companies, Museums, Vocal and Choir Groups, Dance and Ballet Companies

Nearly 1 in 4 are MUSIC Organizations

21.5 Million annual attendees


Classical KDFC brings the Arts to the People

…and the People to The Arts!


KDFC Listeners are highly educated…35% more likely to have a post-graduate degree

KDFC listeners have the discretionary income…22% have a HH Income of $250K or more

KDFC listeners can become your donors…59% more likely to have given money to an ARTS/CULTURAL organization in the past year

Source:  Source: Nielsen: SF Metro Survey Area, 18+; Scarborough R1 2019


And they Buy Tickets to Performances and Visual Arts events!


KDFC Listeners are:

36% more likely to have attended a Dance or Ballet performance in past year

27% more likely to have attended a Live Theater performance in past year

40% more likely to have visited an Art Museum in past year

138% more likely to have attended a Symphony, Opera, etc. in past year

43% MORE LIKELY TO have attended a Jazz or Blues Concert in the past year!

Sources: SF MSA Nielsen; 18+ Scarborough R1 2019;

Support Classical KDFC as an Arts Sponsor


Over 300 different Bay Area Arts Groups, Museums, Performances or Festivals have been showcased and supported by KDFC’s on-air and digital assets

As an Arts Sponsor of KDFC, your organization has access to over 400,000 listeners a week, 45,000 opt-in email members, and 27,600 donors


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