Classical KDFC is Local Programming with Universal Appeal.

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Classical KDFC is Connected to Listeners and the Arts Community.

Our On-Air Announcers have a unique, emotional bond with the KDFC audience – their connection with the listeners has recruited 29,350 donors who contribute over $5.5 Million annually to content they get for FREE! Learn more about KDFC Announcers.

Classical KDFC the highly educated, the culturally active.

The influential Leaders, Thinkers, and Achievers that fuel the Bay Area’s innovative culture. Check out the Classical KDFC Audience.

The Bay Area’s Arts Ecosystem is significant:

700+ Arts Organizations: Symphony Orchestras, Theatre Groups, Opera Companies, Museums, Vocal and Choir Groups, Dance and Ballet Companies

Nearly 1 in 4 are MUSIC Organizations

21.5 Million annual attendees

…And KDFC Listeners Are Active Participants

KDFC Listeners are highly educated…58% more likely to have done post-graduate work/have a post-graduate degree

KDFC listeners have the discretionary income…17% more likely to have a HH Income of $250K or more

KDFC listeners can become your donors…68% more likely to have given money to an ARTS/CULTURAL organization in the past year

Source: Nielsen: SF Metro Survey Area, 18+; Scarborough R1 2020

And They Buy Tickets…!

KDFC Listeners are:

22% more likely to have attended a Dance or Ballet performance in past year

17% more likely to have attended a Live Theater performance in past year

23% more likely to have visited an Art Museum in past year

94% more likely to have attended a Symphony, Opera, etc. in past year

23% MORE LIKELY TO have attended a Jazz or Blues Concert in the past year!

Sources: SF MSA Nielsen; 18+ Scarborough R1 2020