Need a gift for the music lover in your life? Don’t miss KDFC’s My Favorite Things week. We’re sharing our favorite albums with you by sampling music from them all next week. From Monday to Sunday, we’re playing the CDs we don’t want you to miss. Tune in to the KDFC’s My Favorite Things week. It starts Monday (12/5) morning at 8.

Hoyt’s Favorite Things

Bournemouth SO / Jose Serebrier
Stowkowski Transcriptions
WHY HOYT LIKES IT: Leopold Stowkowski had a way of making others’ music shine even brighter. A loving tribute to the man’s work by one time friend and colleague Jose Serebrier.
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Nicholas Philips

WHY HOYT LIKES IT: This album features solo piano music written in the last decade. It’s as contemporary and accessible as it gets.
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Stephanie Bruning
The Indian Character Piece

WHY HOYT LIKES IT: This is an enjoyable music history lesson and discovery of lost American treasures. You’ll love the primer on the “Indianist Movement” of late 19th and early 20th century American music.
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Mozart in the Jungle: An Amazon Music Original
WHY HOYT LIKES IT: The series that makes music school cool features a great mix of classical and contemporary.
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Dianne’s Favorite Things

Aulos Quartet
Bach Goldberg Variations
WHY DIANNE LIKES IT: The infinitely adaptable Bach, adapted this time for a quartet of 2 oboes, a violin, and a cello.
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Claire Jones
Royal Harp Strings
WHY DIANNE LIKES IT: Soothing music that really captured the hearts of KDFC listeners. One of the year’s best-sellers.
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Jean-Yves Thibaudet
Erik Satie: The Complete Solo Piano Music
WHY DIANNE LIKES IT: Don’t be put off by the eccentric titles (Dessicated Embryos, Flabby Preludes for a Dog). It’s nice to have all these memorable miniatures in one collection, interpreted by a natural Satie specialist.
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WHY DIANNE LIKES IT: An exceptionally nice grouping of choral works, performed by world-class folks.
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Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra / Lionel Bringuier
Ravel: Complete Orchestral Works
WHY DIANNE LIKES IT: All the orchestral compositions from my favorite composer, all in one place.
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Ray’s Favorite Things

Barry Douglas
Brahms: Works for Piano, Vol.6
Ray’s Pick
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Frederic Hand
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The Clarinotts
The Clarinotts
Ray’s Pick
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Rik’s Favorite Things

Alina Ibraghimove & Cedric Tiberghien
Mozart Violin Sonatas
WHY RIK LIKES IT: Clean, crisp, beautiful Mozart playing.
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Gowanus Arts Ensemble
American Romantics
WHY RIK LIKES IT: Virtually unknown works and composers from one of my favorite periods of American music history.
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Elizabeth Joy Roe
John Field: Nocturnes
WHY RIK LIKES IT: The original “mood music,” in the best sense of the word! Sensitive playing, beautiful sound.
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Valentina Lisitsa / BBC Concert Orchestra
Love Story
WHY RIK LIKES IT: Mid-20th-century English film composers really knew how to pull on your heartstrings. You may not know most of these films, but with one great melody after another here, you might want to go searching!
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Zuill Bailey & David Leisner
WHY RIK LIKES IT: Two amazing musicians, one heavenly sound.
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Robin’s Favorite Things

Alessio Bax
Lullabies for Mila
WHY ROBIN LIKES IT: A sweet family affair – a proud papa plays for his baby daughter.
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Grigory Sokolov
Schubert and Beethoven
WHY ROBIN LIKES IT: I’m drawn to people who throw their whole being into their work. Sokolov is that in spades, which may be why he’s called one of the greatest pianists in the world. So happy to hear a new recording after two decades.
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SF Ballet Orchestra / Martin West
Moszkowski: From Foreign Lands
WHY ROBIN LIKES IT: Celebrating a venerable Bay Area institution while learning more about a lesser known composer – a win-win!
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Martha Argerich
WHY ROBIN LIKES IT: She says “When I don’t play Chopin for a while, I don’t feel like a pianist.” As proof, she’s gathered decades of all of her live, studio, and radio recordings in a 5-disc retrospective released in honor of her 75th birthday.  You can light a lot of candles and eat cake while you listen.
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Vienna Philharmonic / Semyon Bychkov
2016 Summer Night Concert
WHY ROBIN LIKES IT: A summer night under the stars at Schoenbrunn palace with the Vienna Phil AND the Labeque Sisters? Yes, please!
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Mark’s Favorite Things

Daniel Hope
My Tribute to Yehudi Menuhin
WHY MARK LIKES IT: Some of my first memories of great violin classics come from the old Yehudi Menuhin recordings. This is a touching tribute from Daniel, who was Yehudi’s protege. He trained him well, as Daniel does a great job capturing the essence of Menuhin’s sound….and giving us a glimpse of the great range and styles that he enjoyed playing.
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Leonidas Kavakos & Enrico Pace
WHY MARK LIKES IT: Wow, can this guy play violin!  The miniatures are pretty challenging, but he takes on these works as though it were child’s play.  It’s an amazing experience.
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Norbert Kraft
Sor: 24 Progressive Lessons
WHY MARK LIKES IT: The only piece of Fernando Sor’s I was really familiar with was his variations of a theme by Mozart.  I’ve always loved it.  This album exposed me to more of his work, and I discovered that he really wasn’t a one-hit wonder after all.  And, Norbert has a beautiful way of expressing Sor’s melodies.
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Seraphic Fire
Great Day: The African-American Concert Spiritual
WHY MARK LIKES IT: I have a soft spot for African-American Spirituals.  The songs are a true art form.  Seraphic Fire gives this music the treatment it deserves in that realm as art.  I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of this album!
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Chopin: Ballades
WHY MARK LIKES IT: Yundi really shows off his mastery in this project.  He makes the Ballades and Mazurkas sound intensely personal – there’s a great deal of emotion that comes through his interpretations of Chopin’s work.  This album is a great late at night listen.
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