Michael Tilson Thomas | Photo by Brandon Patoc

For 25 years, he led the San Francisco Symphony to international renown. He has left an everlasting stamp on American Classical music. All month long, we celebrate Michael Tilson Thomas and his years in San Francisco with his personal insights and favorite musical moments weekdays at 3PM on MTT Time. Each day on-air, we’ll showcase a particular recording from each season of Michael Tilson Thomas’s tenure with the SF Symphony, starting from the beginning and working our way to the present. You can also listen to a full-length recording of each piece after it airs on demand!

See what’s currently available below and listen at your leisure!

Hear from MTT himself: From the time he was named Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony 25 years ago, Michael Tilson Thomas has been taking the orchestra and audiences on musical journeys to new places. As he finishes his final season, he looks back at that relationship, and the moments on the podium that gave him the most joy. KDFC’s Jeffrey Freyman has more:

Full pieces featuring MTT and the San Francisco Symphony: