What’s the greatest piece of all time? You decide! It’s time for KDFC’s Classical All-Stars Top 100 Countdown. Right now, we need your votes. Write in or pick your three favorites from the list. DEADLINE EXTENDED: Voting ends January 15th. Then we’ll tally the votes and playback your top choices: the one hundred greatest classical pieces of all time. Vote now for your favorite in the KDFC Classical All-Stars Top 100 Countdown below!

How to Vote:

Pick your favorite piece of Classical music. It’s so hard to choose, we’re letting you pick three! You can put all your votes on one piece or spread them around. Don’t see your favorite? You can write it in at the bottom of each form. You can vote up to once per day.

To get started, just click on the buttons below! A new window will open with a list of pieces and a write-in option. Click on the first button (“Select Your First Choice”) below to make your first selection. After you make your first pick, scroll to the bottom of the form and click on the “Submit” button then close that window. If you’d like to pick another piece, return to this page and click on the buttons below to select your “Second Choice” and “Third Choice”.

Voting ends January 15th! Then tune in the week of January 24th to hear your Top 100 Classical All-Stars!

Vote using the buttons below!

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