Wrap up your weekday with KDFC Tonight as Rik Malone explores a different theme each evening from 8 – 11.
From What’s New Wednesdays to birthday celebrations, see what Rik has planned this week.

MONDAY: Comedy and Tragedy: Schubert, Mahler, Harty, Vivaldi, Brahms – who’s wearing which mask?

TUESDAY: The San Francisco Symphony Broadcast: Concertmaster Alexander Barantshik plays a late, intimate masterpiece by Shostakovich; plus an overture by Esa-Pekka Salonen that comes with a twist, and Brahms’ attempt to finally get the ghost of Beethoven off his back.

WEDNESDAY: What’s New Wednesday: the latest from our own American Bach Soloists, Grammy-nominated Gershwin, the Rach 1 and some recent Albums of the Week.

THURSDAY: Let’s Be Frank – or Francis, or Franz, or Francisco, or even Frantisek.

FRIDAY: Mixed Doubles: when it takes two to concerto.