Wrap up your weekday with KDFC Tonight as Rik Malone explores a different theme each evening from 8 – 11.
From What’s New Wednesdays to birthday celebrations, see what Rik has planned this week.

MONDAY: November is National Novel Writing Month! Pick up your pen and be inspired by two great works that were inspired by great novels, and two others that turned that equation around.

TUESDAY: The San Francisco Symphony Broadcast: Guest conductor Ton Koopman leads the Symphony in music from the full span of the 18th century – a concerto and a dance suite by Bach, one of Haydn’s most popular symphonies, and a piece that describes the time before time.

WEDNESDAY: Capital Idea! Spanning the Globe from London to Montevideo and back.

THURSDAY: Family Resemblances: the “not-as-well-known” Mozarts, Strausses, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Schumann and more.

FRIDAY: “Ski” Trip